Nacht, die Wissen schafft - a Recap

On 4 November 2023, we were able to present our research to many interested people during the "Nacht, die Wissen schafft". The Institute of Cell Biology and Biophysics was represented with two stands.

At our stand "Printing 3D structures - a home for cells", we were able to show how 3D printing techniques can be used to create scaffold structures for haematopoietic stem cells. There was also something for all interested visitors to take home. The little science enthusiasts were particularly pleased with the biscuit cutters in the shape of laboratory equipment.

At the "Gene action - dance your genome" stand, young and old were able to immerse themselves in the work of ribosomes when translating mRNA sequences into amino acids. A specially programmed dance mat game invited visitors to test their own translation skills and demonstrated that a ribosome can sometimes make a mistake.